We’re a group of King County organizations united to create health equity. We support access to healthy eating, smoke and drug-free environments, and safe places to be active. We strive to reduce what are called disparities– wellness differences that are affected by factors like race, ethnicity, and income.

How healthy are you? It might depend on where you live. Your ZIP code tremendously impacts your health and longevity. The Healthy King County Coalition believes that healthy choices and lifestyles should be available to everyone, regardless of where they live.

We train future leaders in equity work, provide public workshops and forums, and draw from our boots-on-the-ground community members to inform local decision-makers about equity issues. Read about our work here, come to a meeting or an event, or contact us for other ideas on how you can improve health equity in your community.


Our Schools and Early Learning workgroup supports regulations and systems that provide healthy food choices and wellness outcomes.

Our Built Environments & Active Living (BEAL) workgroup supports choices for transportation, infrastructure, and programs that offer active living choices.

Next BEAL meeting TBD. December meeting canceled.



Our Tobacco, Marijuana, and Other Drugs (TMoD) workgroup supports strategies, promotions, partners, and programs that advance smoke-free living.

We’ve created fact sheet on marijuana edibles, which are currently available in medical marijuna stores. Many of these products appeal to youth and resemble candy and sodas. Currently, there are no regulations against this and no age restrictions for sale.  We’re asking the Board of Health – Seattle & King County to pass an immediate emergency ban on marijuana edibles that appeal to youth.


Use this form to gather signatures in support of this ban. And comment at the Board of Health meeting December 18, 1:30 pm. King County Council Chambers.

Because the products look so similar to harmless, drug-free products that children love, we suggest you tell your kids to accept food and candy only from people they know are safe. This flyer may help you identify marijuana edibles and their THC content.

mj cake pops

Our next TMoD meeting: Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 1:30 pm, Center for MultiCultural Health.


Our Equity workgroup encourages health equity by applying race and social justice principles in all policy, systems, and environmental change efforts.

Our next Equity meeting: Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 1:30 pm, ICHS.


Our Healthy Eating workgroup supports the improvement of local healthy food systems and access to culturally relevant and nutritional food.

Our newly reactivated Healthy Eating workgroup meets January 26, 2015, 1:00 pm. Location TBD.