Member Benefits

  • Gain access to a professional network of state, local government, non-profit, and community based-organizations that come together to bridge existing resources to further develop healthy communities
  • Broaden your support base through the HKCC website
  • Help to expand access to quality health care and reduce health disparities
  • Learn about other King County health projects
  • Serve as an advocate for sustainable healthy options for all King County residents
  • Strengthen the capabilities of non-profits, small business owners, and community- based organizations to develop healthier options for their consumers and local residents


Even though HKCC plays a major part in creating equitable access to healthy options, we can’t do it alone. Membership in the Coalition shows that you want equitable choices that support healthy eating, active lifestyles and smoke-free living for all King County residents. A broad and strong membership gives the Coalition a louder voice when advocating for health equity and policies with our community leaders and elected officials. Only by working together can real solutions and more efficient services be accomplished.

Membership to HKCC is free and open to any individual, organization, company, or group that is:

  • Committed to collaboration and coordination through HKCC to implement community developed programs
  • Interested in creating sustainable health equity within communities
  • Aware that health disparity is a community-wide issue that cannot be solved by one organization alone


Levels of Membership 

We host quarterly coalition meetings, leadership training, workshops on social change and managing data, and forums on how to change policies, systems, and the environment. 

□ Voting Member: You support our overarching goal of health equity. You belong to at least one Workgroup, attend quarterly Coalition meetings, and participate in one event or workshop a year. Your organization will be listed on our website and letterhead as an official voting member regarding our annual policy priorities. You agree with our values and principals and support our 2016 platform. You use HKCC’s equity assessment tool in your work.

□ Supporting Member: You support our overarching goal of health equity. You attend at least one Coalition meeting a year, support our events, and you’re encouraged to join one workgroup. You agree with our values and principals and support our 2016 platform, but cannot vote on PSE issues. You use HKCC’s equity assessment tool in your work.

All members provide in-kind staffing resources and/or financial support to the Coalition, and agree to mobilize their organization members around the Coalition’s health equity policy priorities. 

Member Application

To become a member, please complete the below application and a member of the hkcc team will follow up with you. 

    Name *
    Built Environment and Active Living (BEAL)
    BEAL works with local jurisdictions to provide and improve community places for physical activity and the social environment.
    Healthy Eating (HE)
    In partnership with community, the Healthy Eating Workgroup supports the improvement (from production to consumption) of local healthy food and access to nutrition for healthy lifestyles.
    Tobacco, Marijauna, and Other Drugs (TMOS)
    Supports strategies,promotions, partners, and programs that advance smoke-free living.
    Equity Committee
    Ensure health equity by applying race and social justice principles in all policy, systems, and environmental change efforts throughout the coalition's work.


    To join a Work Group, you first must be a Healthy King County Coalition Member. For questions on membership and/or joining a Work Group please contact