RESOURCES, Publications, & Toolkits

Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool (HEAT*) - Developed by HKCC, the tool provides a lens through which each groups can better understand who is impacted by policies and practices.

Have you used our HEAT* tool? We'd love your feedback! Chime in here.

Equity and Inclusion Terms Toolkit – Definition of terms, companion to the Assessment Tool.

The CDC Community Health Navigator 

City health profiles and the 2014 King County Health Profile 

Finding local health data - a presentation from PHSKC’s Nadine Chan, our Data Counts Workshop (April 9, 2015)

Social Determinants of Health - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

National Equity Atlas - A comprehensive data resource to track, measure, and make the case for inclusive growth.

PolicyLink -Targeted policies to reduce the racial wealth gap. 

The Poverty Immersion - Walk in the shoes of someone living on a limited income. A facilitated role play – not a game. Changes attitudes and challenges stereotypes about the working poor.

Healthy Beverage Toolkit - Addressing obesity risk through food and beverage changes. Made possible by a Community Transformation Grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Public Health – Seattle & King County and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Seattle Sugary Beverage Tax - Overview of the new Seattle Sugary Beverage tax. Made possible by Got Green.

A Parents Guide to Preventing Underage Marijuana - Available in six languages: Vietnamese, Somali, Amharic, Tigrinya, Swahili, and English.

How to Identify Marijuana Products - There are currently no regulations on medical marijuana products that appeal to youth or that look like food. Kids are definitely at risk.

Marijuana Edible Products and Youth - Get the facts – protect yourself and your kids from overdose.

Black Lives Black Lungs - short film by Lincoln Mondy on the tobacco industry & their targeting of African Americans. - King County Opioid Task Force materials:

     “So you’ve overdosed… now what?”  

     Overdose brochure with youth friendly photo

     Poster 1poster 2,  poster 3 - Overdose & alcohol poisoning posters for youth.

Check out “Beautiful Lies Ugly Truth video was created by the Tobacco, Marijuana, and other Drugs (TMoD) work group to draw attention to the harms of menthol cigarettes and to make our youth’s voices heard in speaking out against big tobacco’s targeting of minority communities. Other recommended watching can be found on our Playlists on the HKCC YouTube channel.

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Health Equity in 2018!

January 2018

What We're Reading 

Books and health-related articles:

  • $2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, by Kathryn Edin & H. Luke Shaefer
  • The Turner House, by Angela Flournoy
  • The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman, by John Perkins 
  • Fresh Foods by Prescription-NPR
  • World About Fish, by Mark Kurlansky & Frank Stockton
  • Scarcity: Why Having too Little Means So Much, by Sendhil Mullainathan