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Duwamish CHA Latino Outreach

This Request for Applications (RFA) is issued by Public Health-Seattle and King County (PHSKC) to seek a community-based organization to manage the Latino Community Health Advocate (CHA) Outreach Team (Grupo Asesor Latino or GAL) as part of US Environmental Protection Agency’s Fun to Catch, Toxic to Eat Program for the Duwamish River Superfund Site.

In 2017, PHSKC launched the Fun to Catch, Toxic to Eat Program as part US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) effort to clean up the Duwamish River Superfund Site. PHSKC is leading this community-based program on behalf of EPA to protect the health of fishing communities, especially pregnant women, nursing moms and young children, from the contaminated seafood in the Duwamish River Superfund Site. The only seafood safe to eat from the Duwamish River are salmon. This Environmental Justice (EJ) issue disproportionately impacts immigrant and refugee fishing communities. EPA’s LDW Fisher Study (2016) found that more than 20 ethnic/language groups fish on the Duwamish River. Fishers from Asian, Pacific Islander, and Latino communities are among the top groups catching, eating and sharing the contaminated seafood from the river. The health warning signs have not been effective in reaching fishers who speak little to no English.

This RFA focuses on the implementation of the program’s Duwamish Community Health Advocate (CHA) Outreach Strategy. Currently, PHSKC is working with the Cambodian, Latino and Vietnamese CHA teams, representing fishing communities that are most likely to consume contaminated seafood from the Duwamish River and less likely to be aware of the seafood advisory. The current Latino CHA team (also known as Grupo Asesor Latino) is made up of a Lead Facilitator (bilingual/bicultural) and 7 CHAs.

More info can be found here and proposals must be submitted by 2pm on November 16, 2018.

Veterans, Seniors and Human ServiCes Levy (VSHSL) Funding Opportunities

Promoting healthy living, financial stability, social engagement, housing stability and service system access for veterans, seniors and vulnerable populations

Interactive Online Funding Tool:

  • Brief program descriptions for VSHSL strategies and programs

  • The VSHSL result area and focus population(s) associated with each program

  • Excerpts from the VSHSL Implementation Plan of each program's concept, rationale and budget allocation

  • Procurement status of each program

  • Information about any community planning sessions that may be held to shape Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or other competitive procurement processes

  • Anticipated procurement dates

  • Information about any upcoming bidders conferences

  • Links to procurement processes as they become available

The online tool will be regularly updated with relevant community planning sessions, bidders conferences, open funding solicitations and awards.

To stay connected with VSHSL implementation activities, visit the VSHSL website or sign up to receive alerts about new funding opportunities as they become available. 


(HKCC and PARTNER organizations)

Ecotrust: Director of Food Equity

Office of Economic Development - Only in Seattle: Business Districts Advocate

Country Doctor Community Health Centers: Director of Human Resources, Equity, and Inclusion

Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium: Community Health Educator positions for priority communities: African American Communities, Native American Populations, Urban Populations, and Rural Communities

University of Washington: Administrative Assistant for Othello - UW Commons

Seattle Parks Foundation: Communications Manager and Director of Programs

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board: Public Health Education Liaison

Issaquah Drug Free Communities Coalition: DFC Project Director

Neighborhood House: Prevention Coalition Coordinator

Tilth Alliance: Community Education Program Coordinator

HealthPoint: Patient Engagement Coordinator

Sound Generations: Program Coordinator - East African Elders

Washington Health Benefit Exchange: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager

OneAmerica: Senior Communications Manager


Other positions may be viewed on LinkedIn

Organization positions are posted for a 3-week interval unless extended posting is requested.

Other Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity: Mobile Food Pantry with Food Lifeline