We acknowledge the disparities with current health care initiatives and services. How do we work to develop equity?


Our mission is to mobilize community partners to create equitable choices that support healthy eating, active lifestyles, and smoke-free living. 

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We are committed to ensuring equitable access to healthy options for all King County residents. 

  • Partnerships- Encourage strategic and non-traditional partnerships with community organizations, nonprofit and other providers to bridge existing resources and further healthy communities.     
  • Access- Work with service providers to expand access to healthy living options and improve health care quality. 
  • Community Engagement- Build the capacity of communities to engage stakeholders in promoting equitable choices that support healthy eating, lifestyles, and smoke-free living.         
  • Equity- Take a developmental and intergenerational approach to sustainable health equity by applying race and social justice principles in a policy, systems, and environmental change efforts. 
  • Education- To provide information and instructions the determinants of equity by which people live, work, and play that are necessary for healthy communities to thrive. 
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